Titanium internal threadless (tl) jewelled ball
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Titanium internal threadless (tl) jewelled ball

Introducing the Titanium Threadless Jeweled Ball Attachment by Trinity Body Jewelry online Store—the chic and sophisticated way to add a bit of sparkle to your body jewelry. Crafted from grade 6AL-4V-ELI Titanium, this threadless jewelry attachment is strong yet lightweight, offering you the perfect blend of comfort and durability. It’s designed to be used with a threadless base part alone and features a stunning brilliant cut cubic zirconia to add a touch of luxury to your look. This piece of jewelry is perfect for any woman looking to accessorize piercings with a tasteful and fashionable flair. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle or just enhance your style, the Titanium Threadless Jeweled Ball Attachment is a great choice. Get yours today from Trinity Body Jewelry online Store and experience the cutting-edge design of threadless Titanium jewelry!

CAD $15.53
Suggested Retail price: CAD $15.53
  • Main material : Titanium (6AL-4V-ELI, ASTM 136)
  • Secondary material : None
  • Classification : Parts
  • PVD Coating : None
  • Gem type : Cubic zirconia
  • Threading : Threadless
Online Availability
  • Availability: In stock

What is threadless body jewelry ?

Discover the allure of threadless jewelry, the pinnacle of high-quality body adornment.

NeoMetal introduced this exceptional form of jewelry in 1997, providing a seamless and sleek finish that surpasses traditional threaded designs. The intricate push-fit or press-fit mechanism creates the perfect amount of tension, ensuring a secure and flawless fit.

Trust Trinity Body Jewelry Canada to deliver exquisite body jewelry for those with refined taste and an appreciation for unparalleled sophistication. Elevate your selection with threadless jewelry and make a lasting impression.

What is Titanium body jewelry ?

Welcome to the world of titanium, where elegance and reliability meet. Our piercing jewelry, made from titanium complying with the EU Nickel Directive, is the perfect choice for both new and healed piercings. With minimal nickel content, it has become the preferred material across the European Union.

Our Grade Ti6AL-4V, ASTM F136 alloy is meticulously crafted for surgical implants, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Choose from our range of options, be it highly polished or anodized colors, to showcase your unique style.

Not only does titanium exude sophistication, but it also offers unmatched practicality. Weighing just half as much as steel, yet twice as strong, titanium provides a durable and lightweight solution. Moreover, its ability to be sterilized in an autoclave ensures a hygienic and safe experience.

Unlock the allure of titanium for your next piercing journey. Elevate your style while trusting in the unrivaled quality of this remarkable material.

Our Nickel release certificates are free and available anytime here.

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