Redefining Greatness with Trinity’s High-End Body Jewelry

Expertly Crafted and Trusted by Professionals

Quality and Safety First

At Trinity, we only provide the best-in-class body jewelry and accessories. Our pieces are made with safety being our first priority and are crafted to maintain an elegance and glamour. All of our pieces are made with high quality materials, providing you with the assurance that your jewelry will last a lifetime. We value ethics and transparency in everything that we do and make sure that each piece is crafted with the utmost quality and care.

Classic and Glamorous Aesthetic

Trinity’s exclusive collection is designed to provide a classic yet glamorous aesthetic. Our pieces are skillfully crafted to give you a timeless look that can be passed down generations. Our goal is to redefine greatness when it comes to body jewelry, offering pieces that are both classic and glamorous. Whether you are looking for a statement piece or something subtle, our collection has something for everyone.


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Established in 2001

Trinity Body Jewelry was established in 2001 with the vision to be the premier source of body jewelry and accessories throughout Canada. For many years our pieces have been trusted by professionals, and now we open up our unique collection to everyone who searches for high-end pieces. We value ethics, transparency, responsibility, professionalism, and teamwork in everything that we do and we make sure that our customers are provided with the best quality pieces available.