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24k gold plated jewelled nosebone
  • CAD $12.60
  • Retail price CAD $12.60
  • Qty avail.: 17
18k gold jewelled threader chain
  • CAD $272.44
  • Retail price CAD $272.44
  • Qty avail.: 2
Devilheart nosescrew
  • CAD $6.38
  • Retail price CAD $6.38
  • Qty avail.: 8

It's time to up your nose game! Whether you're looking to start on a journey of body piercings or embellish the ones you already have, our line of nose rings and studs has something for everyone. Our collection features only the highest-quality pieces designed especially for nostril piercings in styles such as screws, pins, bones, clickers, segment rings and open nose hoops. Plus, you have a great selection of materials like surgical steel, titanium and 18k gold plus precious details like genuine opal, lab created diamond and premium crystal--all that jazz! So no matter what look you're going for (goofy? Sophisticated? Bold?), we've got plenty of bling to get your nostril dazzled. Nose around in our selection today; you won't regret it!