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Navel Jewelry (Belly rings)
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Navel Jewelry (Belly rings)

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Navel banana with silver flowers
  • CAD $86.54
  • Retail price CAD $86.54
  • Qty avail.: 10
18k gold plated CoCr jewelled belly clicker ring
  • CAD $60.75
  • Retail price CAD $60.75
  • Qty avail.: 8
Jewelled navel banana
  • CAD $27.47
  • Retail price CAD $27.47
  • Qty avail.: 8
Navel banana with silver flower
  • CAD $50.24
  • Retail price CAD $50.24
  • Qty avail.: 11

Looking for something more exciting and glamorous than the same old belly button jewelry? Look no further than Trinity Body Jewelry! Our fashion-forward navel piercings will have all your friends feeling like they’re missing out. With a selection of studs, dangles, and inverted designs crafted from 18k gold, medical grade steel, titanium and semi-precious stones there is something to catch everyone’s eye!  So don’t hold back – showcase your sparkle as you sashay around with your new Trinity Body Jewelry.