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Curved Barbells (bananas) and Rooks
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Curved Barbells (bananas) and Rooks

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If you've got it, flaunt it! Whether you're piercing your eyebrow, nose, lip or rook, Curved Barbells and Rooks make it easy to show off your style without overdoing it. Our collection features exquisite implants grade metals, such as Titanium, 18k gold, 316L surgical steel – solid colors that make a loud statement! You can customize your look with our variety of gems like opal, crystals or precious stones. Add a little sparkle with rap singers and exude confidence via big players - these curved barbells and rooks give you the extra bling bling you need to stand out in the crowd. So go ahead – shine brightly and show off who you are today. Curved Barbells and Rooks: put your best look forward!