CoCr internal threadless jewelled crescent attachment
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CoCr internal threadless jewelled crescent attachment

If you're looking for a sophisticated yet glamorous way to accessorize yourself, then look no further than the Nickel-free Threadless Jewelled Crescent Attachment. This magnificent piece of jewellery is designed with a nickel free cobalt chromium alloy threadless tension-fit system and features five beautiful round brilliant cut premium cubic zirconia. It's perfect to fit any threadless parts such as tragus, labret, nose rings and more, making it versatile enough to suit many different styles and looks. With a classic yet elegant crescent design, this attachment will help you stand out from the crowd in the most stunning way. Whether for special occasions or everyday wear, the Nickel-free Threadless Jewelled Crescent Attachment is sure to provide you with timeless glamour.

CAD $40.50
Suggested Retail price: CAD $40.50
  • Main material : COCR
  • Secondary material : None
  • Classification : Parts
  • PVD Coating : None
  • Gem type : Cubic zirconia
  • Threading : Threadless
Online Availability
  • Availability: Out of stock

What is threadless body jewelry technology?

Threadless body piercing jewelry is here to revolutionize the way you think about body modification! The innovative press fit technology ensures that all of our jewelry pieces stay securely and perfectly in place, however active or energized you may be. With a wide range of styles featuring various gemstones and cabochons, threadless jewelry offers unparalleled elegance combined with modern ease of use.

To comply with one of your safety principles, not a single piece of our threadless jewelry has any threaded components on it, so there’s no need for extra instruments or accessories for installation. Instead, all it takes is the subtle bending of the pin on the attachment that creates tension; this keeps your jewelry in an appropriately secure position. Moreover, you have the full control to adjust traction just by bending the pin differently—more or less depending on how tight a fit you desire!

If you’re looking for something fashionable and versatile without compromising safe practices, then look no further than threadless body piercing jewelry. This stylish selection never fails to impress even the strictest fashionista!

What is Nickel Free Cobalt Chromium Alloys?

Made with the highest quality cobalt-chromium alloy and shaped perfectly for safe, comfortable use, our Nickel Free Cobalt Chromium Alloys (CoCr NF) is the ultimate body piercing accessory. Boasting incredible durability that withstands bending and scratching while maintaining a signature shine and beauty, no other material performs like it. Featuring a smooth surface and the look of white gold or platinum precious metals without the hefty price tag, it's no wonder why CoCr NF has become an industry favorite for medical implants like knee and hip joints as well as in the dental industry. Perfect for professional body piercers who create beautiful pieces with every piercing, CoCr NF is an affordable alternative to both surgical steel and titanium - plus Nickel Free so you always know you're providing your customers only with safe materials. Get your hands on this exceptional material today!

Our Nickel release certificates are free and available anytime here.

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