Large coco earrings pins
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Large coco earrings pins

Trinity Body Jewelry

CAD $2.08
Retail price: CAD $2.08
  • Quantity Available: 100+



Main material : Natural organic material
Secondary material : None
Classification : Earrings
PVD Coating : None
Gem type : None
Threading : None

Additionnal informations


Organic body jewelry is made from various natural materials like water buffalo horn, water buffalo bone and different kinds of wood. Organic materials were used historically by many cultures.

Natural materials are not suitable for unhealed piercings or for wear while stretching existing ones. They are sensitive to changes in heat and humidity. Thus autoclaving, use in saunas or hot display cases (light) is not recommended.

Natural materials can absorb oils and sweat from the skin and therefore reduce odors.

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