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Circular Barbells (Horseshoe rings)
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Circular Barbells (Horseshoe rings)

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24k gold plated double jewelled u shape barbell
  • CAD $27.72
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Who says jewelry can’t be fun? Spice up your look with Circular Barbells! These horseshoe shape like barbells are one of the most versatile styles of jewelry out there - and better yet, they’re super easy to wear. Just twist off a bead to slip in the jewelry and twist it back on when you’re done. Look at all the piercings you can rock these with: lobes, conch, helix, lip piercings, tragus, daith, eyebrow piercings, septum and nose piercings -the list is almost endless!  And not to worry- these circular barbells come in only the highest quality materials like implant grade surgical steel and titanium so they are safe for all your piercings. Many styles even feature genuine opal, freshwater pearl and premium crystals for some extra sparkle to add more flavor to your look. So go ahead - give your style some pizzazz with Circular Barbells!