Bioplast barbell with uv balls
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Bioplast barbell with uv balls

Trinity Body Jewelry

Product Code: FURBN-8-3-CL

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This kit contains:



Main material : Bioplast (Bio-compatible polymer)
Secondary material : Acrylic
PVD Coating : None
Gem type : None
Threading : External
Classification : Straight barbell

Additionnal informations

Bioplast ™

Bioplast ™ is a trademarked medical grade plastic. It was created in 1998 in Austria and is still produced in Tyrol. It was formerly sold under the name of PMFK until in 2003 the name Bioplast ™ was trademarked. Bioplast ™ is Biocompatible, flexible and can be cut to any length and threaded by any metal ball closure.

Bioplast ™ adjusts to the body temperature and not to the outside air temperature, like metals. Therefore, people getting pierced with Bioplast ™, have less swelling and infections. The healing process with Bioplast ™ is faster than with any other materials. No allergic reactions (no nickel).

Bioplast ™ can be sterilized by autoclave. It also has a competitive price and comes in 3 fancy colors, can be combined with SS316L or Titanium. Bioplast ™ is not visible in X-Rays if used on its own without metal attachments. Bioplast ™ is the best material for initial piercing.

It is available in the following colors:

  • Transparent
  • Black
  • White

Acrylic (UV)

Acrylic comes in many shapes and colors. It cannot be sterilized in an autoclave and may crack, if soaked in disinfectant chemicals like alcohol or similar. It’s not suitable for initial piercing. The biggest advantage is its cheap price.

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