24k gold plated CoCr dagger charm for clicker
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24k gold plated CoCr dagger charm for clicker

Trinity Body Jewelry

Product Code: BGNFHSRCHARM06

CAD $28.35
Retail price: CAD $28.35
  • Quantity Available: 18


Main material : COCR
Secondary material : None
Classification : Ball closure ring
PVD Coating : 24k real yellow gold
Gem type : None
Threading : None

Additionnal informations

Nickel Free Cobalt Chromium Alloy (COCR NF)

Cobalt Chromium Alloys possess high corrosion resistance and amazing strength. It is very hard to break, bend, deform or even scratch. At the same time, it has appealing white color and shine that resembles precious metals like white gold or platinum. It is widely used in the dental industry and for medical implants like knee and hip joints. The alloy we use is Nickel Free with a smooth and shiny surface. The price is higher than Surgical Steel but lower than Titanium.

Gold PVD Coated

24K real Gold is coated using a PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process and used on various metals.

The jewelry is coated in a heated chamber under high vacuum. Electric voltage applied will form a plasma in the chamber and the introduction of various gases produces an ion bombardment. This bombardment atomizes the cathode material (24k real Gold) into tiny substances which are deposited on the jewelry. The result is a hardened layer, which is biocompatible. It can be autoclaved.

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