18k gold plated CoCr jewelled bar charm 11mm for clicker
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18k gold plated CoCr jewelled bar charm 11mm for clicker

Add some sparkle and glamour to your everyday look with this stylish 18k gold plated nickel-free cobalt chromium alloy medium bar charm. Featuring 5 round brilliant cut cubic zirconia stones that dazzle in the light, this charming piece is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any clicker or ring. Composed of materials designed for durability, you can share your style with confidence knowing this jewelry will last for years to come. Whether as a statement piece or as an accent to complete your ensemble, it's certain to turn heads everywhere you go! With its classic yet trendy design, it's sure to become one of your favorite pieces in no time at all.

CAD $34.02
Retail price: CAD $34.02
  • Main material : COCR
  • Secondary material : None
  • Classification : Ball closure ring
  • PVD Coating : 18k real yellow gold
  • Gem type : Cubic zirconia
  • Threading : None
  • Quantity Available: 7

What are charms for rings and clickers?

If you’re looking to bring a little bit of fun into your accessories, then our charms for rings and clickers are just the thing. These delightfully playful additions will add joy and customization to your favorite trinkets while also adding an elegant, classic feel.

The quality of each charm is top-notch, and it shows - these shimmering dangles will be sure to lighten up any outfit and spread some joy wherever you go. Our charms are especially great for personalized gifts as well! Just pick out a friend’s favorite colors and shapes, or even something special that holds meaning between the two of you. They’ll be sure to appreciate the thought behind such a unique gift.

So why wait? Shake things up with our chic collection today! Our selection of beautiful designs appeals to every woman, from luxury jewelry consumers looking for something new to everyday fashionistas who want just a touch of sparkle in their lives. With such high-quality pieces at incredibly affordable prices, you don’t have to miss out on these precious gems!

What is Nickel Free Cobalt Chromium Alloys?

Made with the highest quality cobalt-chromium alloy and shaped perfectly for safe, comfortable use, our Nickel Free Cobalt Chromium Alloys (CoCr NF) is the ultimate body piercing accessory. Boasting incredible durability that withstands bending and scratching while maintaining a signature shine and beauty, no other material performs like it. Featuring a smooth surface and the look of white gold or platinum precious metals without the hefty price tag, it's no wonder why CoCr NF has become an industry favorite for medical implants like knee and hip joints as well as in the dental industry. Perfect for professional body piercers who create beautiful pieces with every piercing, CoCr NF is an affordable alternative to both surgical steel and titanium - plus Nickel Free so you always know you're providing your customers only with safe materials. Get your hands on this exceptional material today!

Our Nickel release certificates are free and available anytime here.

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